Logo Supreme Court NetherlandsWhile Dirk Daamen acts as defence counsel in all types of criminal cases in the Netherlands, he focuses in particular on the defence at the Supreme Court. Dirk is a member of the Association of Criminal Cassation Lawyers (VCAS). VCAS members are criminal defense lawyers with demonstrable interest and experience in cassation proceedings in criminal cases.

Also in cassation cases, Dirk can work on a pro bono base. You can find more information on the page Rates.

Are you considering or have you already lodged an appeal before the Supreme Court? Call or e-mail for more information! Note: Dirk only acts as cassation lawyer in criminal cases. Are you looking for a cassation lawyer for a civil case (for example divorce), please find one on the website of the ‘Civil Cassation Lawyers Association’ (de Vereniging Civiele Cassatieadvocaten).

Our cassationblog

On our cassationblog (in Dutch), Dirk discusses judgments of the Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court and other developments in the field of cassation in criminal cases.

How we work in cassation proceedings

On the page Working method in cassation you can find more information about Dirk works in cassation cases.