Please contact us if you require assistance. We will inform you about the cost. We will discuss the options below. The agreed method of payment will be confirmed in writing. We always try to estimate the costs in advance. On all activities of the firm, terms and conditions apply. Among other things, it states that ou services must be paid for in advance.

Hourly rate

The work will be charged on the basis of an hourly rate. The hourly rate depends on the type of case (for example, is specialized knowledge required?) and on the experience of the lawyer who will handle your case. For emergencies we may charge extra. We charge in units of 6 minutes. Over the agreed hourly rate you’ll pay 6% office expenses and 21 % VAT. Possibly made travel costs and disbursements (for example, court fees) will be charged extra.

Fixed price

Based on the estimated amount of work, a fixed price is agreed upon. We also agree on a maximum number of hours worked for that amount, should the case become (much) more time consuming than expected. Also in this way of charging, disbursements, expenses and the VAT will be calculated.

Legal expenses insurance

Do you have legal expenses insurance, then the insurer possibly pays for our work. If your insurance provides coverage for this, and the assistance of a lawyer is necessary for the legal issue you are in, you possibly have a so-called free choice of lawyer: you may choose a lawyer. In the policy of your insurance you can find whether the legal issue is covered. If you are not sure about this, please ask your legal insurance for more information. We have no fixed agreements with insurers and will contact your insurer to make arrangements.

Subsidized legal aid (“pro bono”)

If you’re in prison or if your income and assets are below certain limits, we can help you on the basis of an addition by the “Legal Aid Board” (Raad voor de Rechtsbijstand). The Legal Aid Board will then pay the costs of the lawyer. However, it is possible that you have to pay a part yourself (this doesn’t apply to prisoners and minor suspects). You can find more information on the website of the Legal Aid Board.